Las Vegas.

2000px-Las_vegas_signAs we rounded the brow of the hill, it became apparent what the glow of light was. It was Las Vegas, or to give it its proper title, “Fabulous Las Vegas”.

And as we were to find out, Vegas is indeed fabulous. Extremely fabulous. It fulfills all the promises made about it. And then some. If you’ve never been, you have no idea. None.

After driving for three days, leaving Los Angeles on a Tuesday, we’d planned it pefectly; a long weekend in Vegas. However we need not have worried. Every day in Vegas is a weekend. Except for Mondays when some shows are dark, but there is always something to do in Vegas. And we did most of it.

But as they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so I can’t tell you about our exploits of drinking daiquiris with a dwarf, shooting pool with a transvestite prostitute, hanging out with Liberace’s boyfriend, getting up close and personal with Siegfried & Roy, flicking the bird to Gordon Ramsay in Lola’s, knocking up an appetiser in the kitchen with Guy Fieri or helping a millionaire whale get back to his hotel suite:twice.

And I definitely can’t mention what happened at the Ghostbar in Palms.


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