typewriterWhen I write, I prefer to do so straight into software on my computer. My preferred choices are Celtx for screenplays, simple Google docs for stories and WordPress for this blog. I know there are loads of other software choices, some specific for the writing profession, but these choices suit me for now.

I’ve dabbled with voice recognition software, but found it too arduous and also good old pen/pencil and paper, which for me, doesn’t really do it. I don’t see the point as I’m going to need to type it up at some stage anyway and I can type just as fast as I can do longhand. And over the years my typing speed has got better; all down to years of plugging away on a computer. I remember the first time I started ‘typing’ and thinking “I’m never to get the hang of this.” But here we are.

I know writers who still use a typewriter; they have my admiration. I couldn’t do it.

One of the downsides of relying on electronic technology such as a computer for writing is you’re subjected to all its foibles. Like the current one on the PC I’m writing this on. It’s begun to randomly switch itself off on regular occasions for seemingly no apparent reason – other than it’s got some form of computer disease. Which ultimately doesn’t help a writers’ flow. It looks like I need to get it seen by a computer doctor, or as they like to call themselves “technicians”.

Hemingway didn’t have this problem.


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