Print or online?

independentThe Observer recently published an article entitled “Can The Web Save The Press From Oblivion?” in which it points out the blindingly obvious; newspaper sales are declining, whereas online news content consumption by readers is increasing without the online advertising streams adequately compensating for the loss in traditional advertising revenue, particularly classified.

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a genius to work that one out. But what’s the skinny regarding books? Whilst it maybe easier to download 100’s of books onto an e-reader that you can take on your holidays without the need to lug along a pile of summer reading, is the experience actuallyebook-kindle-shelf better for the reader? It maybe more convenient, but in my view it’s worse.

As a reader, I personally prefer the feel, smell and physicality of holding a book, or a magazine/newspaper for that matter.

In February 20015, the Huffington Post argued 10 (sic) reasons why print editions are better than e-books. The previous week they’d published an article outlining why e-books were better than printed ones so, as ever, there are arguments for both approaches. Ultimately it’s a question of personal preference.

But as authors, should we be adapting our approach for on-line publishing? Obviously there are differences writing for screen, short stories, novels and magazine & newspaper articles which need to be appropriate for the setting and audience, but in terms of writing for on-line publication, should we just carry as we’ve always done?

I’ve only ever published on-line and aside from work documentation and numerous reports have little experience of publishing on paper and I’d be interested in your thoughts?


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