Interesting Language.

disney-the-bfgDelumptious. Frobscottle. Whoopsey-splunkers.

These are words that you would have heard if you’ve been to see the latest Steven Spielberg film “The BFG”. If you’ve not seen the film, you’ll probably have no idea what they mean; but you could hazard a guess. They’re written to be easily understood.

Uttered by actor Mark Rylance, who plays the Big Friendly Giant in the movie, it’s a world away from his work as a renowned Shakespearean actor. Or is it?

Rylance was recently interviewed by The Observer as part of the PR for the launch of the movie and whilst he didn’t expand on what those particular words actually mean, he did talk about his love for acting and words in particular: hence his interest in Shakespeare.

I’ve never been a fan of Shakespeare. As a writer, I recognise that this could be construed as blasphemy, but I just don’t get it. I’ve tried, honest I have, but nope it’s lost on me. When the plots of his many pieces of work have been described to me in language I understand, they sound extremely exciting. But when trying to get my head around the language they’re written, and performed in, alas they leave me cold.

But what Shakespeare has taught me, is we have a beautiful language and we should cherish it.


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