10-creative-communicating-7I used to work for large organisations within the social media/intranet space and gave it up for a variety of reasons. Mainly because it had become tedious and unexciting after the initial excitement of creating something new, the industry plateaued and most roles became administrators and I’m not an administrator.

In one organisation, amongst many other responsibilities, I was expected to be the private help-desk for the internal communications team and sort their technology and publishing issues out. I must have been the most expensive IT help-desk there was, and this was in no small part due to the short sighted approach of my then boss.

Today I stumbled across the blog of this particular individual and read a couple of posts. After reading the second one, I felt my anger levels rising as what I was reading was patently nonsense, and was partly due to the deluded sense of self importance that she always exuded. Yes, despite what you may say, a company can survive without an internal communications department and no they shouldn’t “own” the intranet.

Not only did she use wanky management speak but she used far too many words when one or two carefully chosen ones would have done. And the biggest irony of all? She’s a senior manager within the communications team, but is patently unable to implement the most basic of rules; keep it brief and write for your audience. That’s what good writing is about.

Presumably her audience consists of managers who have bought the same business bullshit bingo handbook. So let’s run it up the flagpole and see what flutters.


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