Misuse of our language.

As I commented in a previous post, the English language is beautiful; the US version, not so much.

So it englashpains me when I see it being abused.  Innit. Knw wot I mean?

With the massive surge of social media, texting and a plethora of communication apps and devices, the natural tendency is for the author of the message to cut corners and bastardise our language and this is particularly prevalent amongst, though not unique to, younger people. In some ways they  can’t be blamed for wanting to be brief – Twitter and texting has actively encouraged that – but there is also an element of laziness in their approach.

I’m as guilty as anyone, but I consciously try not to use text speech or adhere to Twitter’s urging of messages of 140 characters or less. I somehow manage to get my msg undr 140 chars easy enuff without reverting to spouting rubbish. That’s probably because I’m pedantic.

But what will the impact of this approach be on the next generation? Will our language be eroded further?


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