Overcome your fears.

Overcome fears.jpgIn one of my other jobs, the one that pays some of the bills, I serve customers. I provide them with what they want by way of being there when necessary to help them choose what they want and to take their money off them when they’ve chosen. It’s called retailing. Nothing too scientific or onerous about it.

In my other job, the one that pays nothing, I also provide people with what they need. By using coaching techniques I provide people with the opportunity to make decisions about their life and the ability to choose a path they’ve probably always wanted but maybe have not been able to clearly articulate or determine before. This provides me with a rewarding feeling and it also obviously helps the individuals concerned.

One of the fears I have about writing is rejection. Or being criticised. Apparently this is common amongst writers – new and established and it’s something any writer, who wants their work to be read, needs to overcome.

So, as I mentioned recently, I’ve entered one of my short story’s into a competition. The results will be published on 1 November 2016. That’s one step taken to overcoming my fear. Many more to go.

So whilst I won’t (or don’t wish to) necessarily conquer the world, overcoming one of my writing fears is underway.


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