To Kindle or not to Kindle?

amazon-kindle-logoI remember a world before Kindle, or any of the other handheld e-readers that are now available. Content can now be downloaded and be available to read virtually instantaneously.

In a previous post , I spoke about the merits of on-line access to your favourite reading material, but I remember having a conversation with a colleague at work about Amazon, probably about a year after the site had launched. That’s 20 or so years ago.

He stated that he preferred to go into a bookshop to either find the particular book he was after or to just simply browse, and he had a point. He then added that he couldn’t see the point of Amazon or any other online book retailers as they wouldn’t last long and would soon go the way of the dinosaurs. Well, obviously he was wrong and very short sighted in his view of on-line shopping.

I received a Kindle as a present some years ago and as I thanked the person who gave it to me, I gently pointed out that I preferred published words: either in a book or a magazine or newspaper. Of course I read stuff online but my preference is for the old style. Which is ironic considering I worked in the online industry for a number of years.

My views haven’t changed. I prefer paper, interspersed with some online viewing. The best of both worlds.


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