Artistic integrity?

Absolutely_Fabulous_The_Movie.jpgLet’s be honest, the recent “Absolutely Fabulous” movie is shit and it would never have been made unless Jennifer Saunders was on-board and the ageing premise was still unsurprisingly riding on the original success of the TV series. Which was how many years ago?

And yet the script is peppered with catch phrases well past their sell by date and based around a cock and bull story about the supposed demise of Kate Moss, who, let’s face it, is no stranger to the artificial celebrity lifestyle which is so far removed from normality.

And, yes I understand the entire premise is a pastiche. I got that memo. But talk about flogging it to death.

However, could the same be said about a number of projects – both now and in the past? This is not a new approach. “David Brent – The Movie” was recently released and J.K. Rowling has also released her latest book based on the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. Both of which are accompanied by the usual PR bullshit blurb from the author stating the usual claptrap, “I wanted to see where he’d got to on his journey…” Yada yada. The smell of filthy lucre more like.

And have you seen the “comedy” series “Josh” on the telly? Absolute drivel and it’s only getting air-time because comedian Josh Widdicombe is on every quiz show going and is therefore “popular”. Either that or he’s got an extremely good agent. There are many other examples.

Whilst there are plenty of new ideas being broadcast on telly and the bigger screen, the broadcasting companies rely too heavily on past glories. And consumers constantly fall for it.


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