DPD mapNothing to do with Taylor Swift. I mean speed; and not the drug.

Nowadays the speed with which items get delivered through the post has not necessarily improved per se, but keeping track of them sure has. Not that long ago an item was ordered and you were advised that it would be sent. Then nothing until the Royal Mail driver knocked on your door with your parcel.

Nowadays, should you wish, you can track the packages’ delivery route live via an app. All a bit stalkerish but my parcel should be with me between 13.22 and 14.22 – a very precise time.

Also the app allows me to change delivery dates or places in real time dependent on my whereabouts and of course this is a good thing for the customer. Great use of technology.

Publishing has also advanced significantly due to the use of technology. These days, if you have access to the internet and a device then you can get your words and thoughts out there instantaneously; like this blog post.

But as ever, getting people to read it is still a challenge although technology has obviously helped with that too. Well, it’s easier to get your content in front of more eye balls, but whether it gets read is another matter entirely.



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