140 characters to derail your career

dartboardEric Bristow is the latest “celebrity” to come a cropper by publishing his ill thought out views (now deleted) onto a very public online platform (Twitter) and has received a lot of response to his views – some supportive, but the majority of people railing against him. Additionally his critics have pointed out other tweets he’s written (also now deleted) whereby he appeared to be spouting facist and racist rhetoric. And as a result he’s lost his job as a darts commentator at Sky Sports.

I’ve never met Bristow and therefore don’t know if he is racist, homophobic or just an illiterate idiot, but based on what I’ve read it strongly suggests he is all of these. He’s now apologised for his tweets (which doesn’t necessarily mean his views have changed) and is now eating humble pie whilst also continuing to use twitter the same way as the majority of people do, to illustrate how humdrum, mundane and “normal” (whatever that may mean for someone with an MBE) his life is.

And as we all know, today’s news is yesterdays chip paper – or whatever the modern equivalent is, though whenever he now gets mentioned in the press it will refer to this incident.

So is twitter responsible for idiots getting sacked? No of course not. Bristow is one of many people responsible for getting himself sacked by not understanding the power of social media and using the platform to ignorantly rant about things he has little knowledge of and using the technology like he’s chatting to his mates in the pub.

He boasts he doesn’t use any PR person to manage his twitter account and to write his posts for him. Until he’s been on a diversity course and educated himself, perhaps he should.

Not really a bullseye this time was it Eric?


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