Social Meeedja

Snapchat and Whatsapp logosWhen my work colleagues (yes I have another job other than writing, which helps to pay the bills, whereas writing doesn’t, yet) were sorting a night out, they used WhatsApp to arrange it. Apparently texting or talking is soooo yesterday.

They also use Snapchat for communicating with each other and I was told that they no longer use Facebook as it’s considered “old fashioned”. Yikes! A technology that’s only been around 13 years is already considered to be out of date by people in their late teens/early twenties. And ironically Facebook own WhatsApp after paying $19.3 billion for it three years ago.

I’ve used WhatsApp for a number of years, along with the other usual social media tools, Twitter and Facebook and, not that long ago, I actually worked in the intranet and social media industry. but a few years in that business is equivalent to decades in others.

The speed at which online technology evolves is rapid and the lifetime of these products appears to be shortening as the technologies plateau at an earlier stage than previously.

What will be the next thing be that replaces WhatsApp and Snapchat allowing people to communicate with each other?


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